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I've been teaching singing for thirty years or so now,

both at home and at a couple of universities,

and over that time I've figured out my strengths and my priorities,

and here's what I think I bring to my students.


It's about confidence, and freedom. I won't tell you you're good when you're not, but I will really encourage you to be the best you can be.


There's no alternative to the basic stuff. You have to breathe well, understand what's happening physically, identify what's getting in the way (and lose it), and develop the space, resonance, timbres and registers that are your true voice.


All singing is good. You have a big voice and love opera? I can help you work on that and discover what makes big into beautiful. You love the theatrical? I can show you how to produce the different sounds required on the contemporary stage, from twang to belt and beyond. Love Lieder? Let's work on how you marry the very best vocal technique with the utmost respect for the words. Or maybe you're just struggling finding the notes? I've yet to meet someone who truly can't sing. You may think you're a bit dodgy, and your own mother may ask you to stick to the recorder, but I see you as an uncarved block.


You don't have to be taught by a singer, but it helps. I've performed on stages and in concert halls across Europe, and I know how it feels. I know what makes for a good performance and what to beware of.

You don't have to read music. But sometimes it makes life a whole lot easier. And I love teaching students about harmony and rhythm, and everything that music's made of.

Performance is a skill to be learned. If you want to be a performer, I can provide you with the tools to build your craft. If your initial aim is a place in college, I have a wealth of experience in getting people through auditions. If you think you're not a performer, I'll show you why every singer needs some of these skills to let your voice soar.


'His enthusiasm and encouragement enable his pupils to achieve amazing and seemingly impossible goals' 


'An exceptional teacher. Always encouraging with oodles of patience'

'Fantastic teacher, patient and encouraging at all times' 

'Without question the best singing teacher I have ever had' 

'Helped me change career and follow my dream'

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Here's all the practical stuff you need to know


Who I teach:

  • Students hoping to get into college or get an Oxbridge scholarship

  • Professional singers and actors

  • Singers from local choirs or music theatre societies

  • People who've never sung, or who think they can't sing

  • People who are anxious about the effect of the old anno domini

  • In short, anyone who wants to learn


What I teach:

  • Preparation for auditions, exams and festivals

  • Just learning songs or arias for the fun of it

  • Music theory


Who I've taught:

  • My students have auditioned successfully at ArtsEd, Guildhall, Mountview, GSA, Oxbridge, RNCM, Birmingham, Bristol Old Vic, Bird and others

  • Former students have ended up in West End shows like Les MisMamma Mia!, Miss Saigon and Jersey Boys


Where I teach:

  • I teach in a studio at 65 New Street, Salisbury SP1 2PH. I teach for an hour at a time, and I charge £55 a lesson. For payment, I take cards or BACS payments. I also have gift vouchers available


When I teach:

  • You can view my teaching timetable below. To book a time, just email me via the Contact page

Where I learnt:

  • I studied classical singing, jazz and singing teaching at the Guildhall School in London, and also have an MA in musicology from the University of Southampton. I've taken Estill courses (levels 1 and 2). And I'm a member of the Incorporated Society of Musicians, and Equity.


  • You can sign up to my mailing list here. This means you'll get to hear, and get the chance to book in, when new lessons become available.

  • You can join my WhatsApp cancellations group here. I post any cancellations, and students can swap lessons with others, on this group.

Teaching Timetable
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